What to Grow in Hardiness Zone 9b in December

December in Central Florida is wonderful for residents and visitors alike. You can expect a delightful blend of mildness and occasional coolness. With an average high ranging from the mid-70s to low 80s Fahrenheit (24-28 degrees Celsius), the region offers a welcome respite for those fleeing colder climates during the holiday season. However, as dusk settles in, temperatures tend to drop slightly, often dipping into the comfortable range of 50s and 60s Fahrenheit (10-18 degrees Celsius). This subtle chill creates an ideal atmosphere for cozy evenings spent outdoors or strolling along illuminated streets adorned with festive decorations. Occasionally, Zone 9b experiences even cooler spells that bring about sweater weather conditions; this is when scarves come out and hot cocoa becomes a comforting beverage choice. It is essential to note that while more frequent than other months, rainfall remains relatively scarce during December in Central Florida. On average December brings only 8 days of rain dropping about 2 inches annually. Overall, Zone 9b’s December weather paints a picture-perfect backdrop for both traditional holiday festivities and enjoying the great outdoors under sunny skies sprinkled with just enough crispness.

This makes it a great month for gardening and a chance for us to grow some vegetables and plants that are just not possible during those hot and muggy months.

VegetableSowing MethodHarvest
BroccoliTransplant SeedlingsFebruary
RadishDirect SowFebruary
SpinachDirect SowFebruary
BeetsDirect SowMarch
Bell PeppersStart in seed traysMarch
ChivesDirect SowMarch
Collard GreensDirect SowMarch
KaleDirect SowMarch
KohlrabiDirect SowMarch
LettuceDirect SowMarch
PeasDirect SowMarch
Scallions or Green OnionsDirect SowMarch
TomatilloTransplant SeedlingsMarch
TomatoDirect SowMarch
TurnipDirect SowMarch
CarrotDirect SowApril
CeleryTransplant SeedlingsApril
LeeksDirect SowApril
OkraDirect SowApril
ShallotsDirect SowApril
CauliflowerDirect SowMay