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The Ultimate Guide To Growing Tulips 2

4. Tulip Pests & Common Ailments

As with most plants, pests and disease are unfortunately things we must deal with, but not without hope. In most cases, if you take preventative measures you can avoid the heartbreak of dealing with the loss of your tulips in the first place.

Bulb Rot

If your tulips fail to emerge in the spring or they develop stunted, yellow leaves, or brown spots on your bulbs may be experiencing bulb rot. If you notice this, the best thing to do would be to dig up and inspect your tulips bulbs first hand. Any diseased bulbs should be tossed and even remove some of the soil surrounding the bulbs as well, just in case there are some fungi or bacteria still present in the surrounding area. 

Bulb rot can be avoided if you follow the proper planting instructions, in particular if you have well-drained soil (do what you can to improve air circulation) and your bulbs are planted at the proper depth.

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The Ultimate Guide To Growing Tulips

When the snow finally melts and the grip of winter has finally passed, the beauty of spring begins with one of the most durable, colorful and easy-to-grow flowers around-the tulip!

These iconic spring bulbs sprout up and deliver our gardens a much needed pop of color and are one of the oldest cultivated plants around. There are thousands of types of tulips in various shapes, sizes and colors all with varying blooming dates, from early spring to late summer, that allows you to enjoy tulips all growing season long. Some even have a very soft, subtle scent. With so many desirable qualities, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that tulips are one of the classic flowering bulbs of springtime gardens and one of the most popular cut flowers on the market.

Every year, these perennials are the gifts the keep on giving, with more blooms adding over time, but getting them to perform can be a challenge, but that’s ok, we’re going to discuss how to get these spring gems to bloom repeatedly throughout the years for your enjoyment and give you the tools you need to maintain your tulips, from planting to storing them for next year. 

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