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Write for us – Guest Blog Guidelines

If you would like to write & submit a Guest Post to ‘Amaral Farms’ for potential publication, that’s great. Thanks for considering!

Before you write & submit your article for my review, here are some guidelines to boost your chances of approval.

Some guest post guidelines.

Include a small paragraph crediting yourself as author. It should be interesting and provide two links you want to use. You may use one for your website and another for social media or both for social media. Other considerations.

  • should have a minimum of 1000 words
    should not be self-promoting.
    I like internal linking, so include a link or two to a relevant post on my blog. You may also link out to other relevant posts on the web if you like – but no more than three links, please.
    Affiliate Promotional links in your content are not permitted.
    Your article must be original work that hasn’t been published elsewhere. No copy-pasted articles from anywhere else, even your own site.

If your article is accepted, in its entirety it should not appear elsewhere (such as on your own blog).


    Posted by Amaral Farms

    HI and thanks for visiting my blog. I guess I would say I have always been a gardener at heart. My parents gardened and I helped them from a young age. As an adult I took to the organic movement and began gardening using almost exclusively organic methods. My focus has shifted the last decade to add heirloom gardening to the mix. By no means an expert, I do enjoy it and spend at least a few hours a week dedicated to it. I hope you enjoy and gain some value from my blog. Check out my tips for growing tomatoes in pots.