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When Do You Need to Add Organic Matter to Your Soil?

Have you struggled for years to get anything to grow in your garden? If so, the problem may be the quality of your soil. Whether you’re trying to grow larger plants or just trying to get anything to grow at all, you should be adding organic matter to soil annually. Here’s what you need to know about when, specifically, you should be adding organic matter.

When You Should Be Adding Organic Matter to Soil

You should be adding organic matter to soil at least a month before you intend to plant anything for the season if you are adding raw, or unfinished, organic matter to your soil. Examples of raw organic matter include manure that hasn’t decomposed, and leaves.

Giving your raw matter at least 30 days to decompose ensures your plants won’t break down before your raw organic matter. Add finished organic matter right before you plant.

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What Is the Best Time for Planting Sweet Corn in Florida?

The crisp and delicious crunch of sweet corn is distinctly reminiscent of warm and lazy summer nights spent eating, grilling, and laughing with family and friends. Luckily, planting sweet corn is relatively simple, as long as you sow at the right time and give it all the nutrients and water it needs to thrive. It’s particularly effortless to grow this seasonal treat in Florida, which may be why they’re the number one state for production and value of fresh market sweet corn in the U.S.

Even gardening newbies should have no trouble producing ripe ears all summer long to be enjoyed freshly boiled and promptly slathered in butter and salt or even wrapped in tinfoil and thrown on the grill. Here are some tips on when and how you should plant your sweet corn if you live in the Sunshine State and how to get the best yield out of your crop.

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How Many Varieties of Peppers Are There?

If you’re planning to grow your own peppers, you may be wondering how many varieties of peppers there are and which ones are best to grow in a home garden. It’s a good idea to know which of the peppers are of top quality, especially if you plan to use them in your culinary creations. Despite popular perception, peppers can’t just be interchanged with each other when cooking. Specific peppers yield specific results.

How Many Varieties of Peppers Are There?


There are an estimated 50,000 different varieties of peppers grown throughout the world. That’s a massive number, but most of those aren’t considered “hot” peppers. In fact, just 4,000 of those are considered chili peppers.

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Growing Collard Greens In Florida

Collards can be grown almost year round in Florida, and should be on your list to plant since it is high in minerals and vitamins. In fact collards receive a completeness score from nutrition data of 90!

Growing Carrots in Florida

Carrots are a very popular vegetable I believe because they are colorful, sweet, and fairly easy to grow. This makes them popular for the gardener to grow. A very commonly used vegetable in a great many dishes also contribute to its adoption.

Home Gardening Made Easy

Many people set out with a sense of joy and excitement when deciding to start a vegetable garden. Unfortunately what is sometimes absent is proper planning.

My Experience Growing Squash

Growing squash is exciting even though the plant does everything besides planting itself. The yields you can get from squash plants are very huge and anyone who has ever grown zucchini can testify this.

Cultivar brócoli en el jardín de tu patio trasero

El brócoli es un vegetal súper nutritivo que muchos realmente. Sus beneficios nutricionales son abundantes, está lleno de vitaminas esenciales como K & C, mientras que proporciona un gran nivel de vitamina A y folato. Es alto en fibra, lo que entre sus beneficios para la salud también le da una sensación de plenitud. El brócoli tiene más proteínas que la mayoría de las verduras. Oh y aquí hay algo que muchos no saben, puedes comer las hojas de una planta de brócoli como una col rizada o una col rizada.

Es una verdura muy popular en todo el mundo y especialmente en los Estados Unidos. En una encuesta reciente realizada por Green Giant, el brócoli fue elegido como la verdura favorita de los americanos por segundo año consecutivo. Treinta y nueve de los 50 estados lo nombraron número uno. Si lo miramos basado en las ventas reales, es típicamente el cuarto o quinto. Su simplicidad de preparación se ve en cierto modo eclipsada por su falta de versatilidad. No puede ser usado de tantas maneras y en tantos platos como el ajo o la cebolla. Lo que probablemente lo mantiene fuera de la lista de los amerindios en los viajes de compras. Sin embargo, si uno cultiva sus propias hojas y las usa, encontrará más usos para este nutritivo vegetal.

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Growing Broccoli in Your Backyard Garden

The simple answer is yes, it doesn’t require lots of cross pollination like corn or super susceptible to a variety of bugs like squash. Growing broccoli is easier compared to its relatives Brussels sprouts and cauliflower.