Amaral Farm

Growing Collard Greens In Florida

Collards can be grown almost year round in Florida, and should be on your list to plant since it is high in minerals and vitamins. In fact collards receive a completeness score from nutrition data of 90!

Growing Carrots in Florida

Carrots are a very popular vegetable I believe because they are colorful, sweet, and fairly easy to grow. This makes them popular for the gardener to grow. A very commonly used vegetable in a great many dishes also contribute to its adoption.

Growing Apple Trees in Florida

The first stage involved finding and preparing a good spot for the trees to grow; good sun, proper soil preparation and a water source. I had a great spot picked out that would give them all the sun they need and room to grow.

Choosing the Right Breed of Goat

When choosing the right breed of goats for other than grass cutting, analyzing your needs is very important to determine whether you need breeds that are best in meat, milk, or fiber production.

Raising Meat Rabbits

Rabbits are fun to raise when you are properly prepared. However, ways of making sure rabbits remain comfortable and safe can be a challenge during the winter given the cold temperatures and predators.

Are You Considering Raising Geese?

There is of course some preparation that I will need to take in before I get them but it is definitely on the radar for 2021. If you are at all considering raising birds for meat, I think goose has to be a strong contender.