Native Plants in Florida

Looking to stay in Florida? Do you possess the magical green thumb?  Are you entertaining thoughts of starting your own farm or garden in the Sunshine State? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then it is about time you learn more about the greens Florida so very often boasts of! These plants have long been part of the natural landscape, long before European contact came about, and have been free of human influence ever since. Here is a list of plants native to Floridian soil which could help you on your way to producing the garden of your dreams.


Florida wildflowers make up a very beautiful bouquet because of its spectrum of colors. Wildflowers that represent half of the rainbow scheme are often seen sprouting about throughout the year, depending on its variety and seasonal peaks. Examples from this lovely bunch are the Alligator Lily, Moonflower, Firewheel, Scarlet Ladies Tresses which come in either fiery red hues or clean white colours. The Bushy Seaside Oxeye, Dixie Iris, Smallfruit Beggertick, Pale Meadowbeauty, American Bluehearts and Lakelas Mints are of a different palette on the other hand, which come in yellow, blue and purple tints.

Trees and Shrubs

Florida carries a unique line of trees and shrubs which may seem rare to the average tourist, but is in fact found all over the state! The beautyberry, for example stays true to its name as it bears a lovely bunch of grapelike fruits in a shade of stunning violet. The witch-hazel plant, the oil of which is used in many beauty products is also a commonly sighted plant in the area. Still, other plants with memorable names such as the Black-eyed Susan, Goldenfoot,  Muscadine Grape Scuppermong, Feverfew, and St. John’s Wort, are found perennially scattered in large groups across the entire state.

Although native, these plants have been constantly migrated to other parts of the country as well as outside because of its innate beauty and easiness to grow. A few exotic plants from Asia, in turn, have been adapted into the state, and have grown effortlessly next to its Western neighbours.

Remember that it doesn’t take an expert to grow beautiful plants and shoots outside your home. All you need is proper knowledge on the care and commitment that goes into gardening, and you never have to worry about the results. Good luck on this new endeavour, neighbour! 

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