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Many people set out with a sense of joy and excitement when deciding to start a vegetable garden. Unfortunately what is sometimes absent is proper planning. Deciding and knowing what to grow and when is an element in having success with your home garden. Often it may be done on a whim during a trip to your local garden center. If you want to have success, lasting success, you need to educate yourself on what will grow well in your area and what time of year that which you want to grow does best in. That is just the start! But don’t be discouraged it is easier than that statement might lead you to believe. Though I can’t emphasis enough that proper planning and forethought will be a huge element of your success.

Having a small garden with organic plants is an easy process. It will help you get your vegetable needs fresh from the farm as well as add aesthetic beauty to your home.

I have seen what I once had as an image of my home garden with tomatoes, carrots, spring onions, and lettuce. To prepare my garden, I had to:

  • Prepare soil for the plants. This involves turning the soil to aerate it and remove all weeds. 
  • Water the grounds. Fixing in drip lines was an action that made the work easier as it brings in no need to supply water to the farm physically due to the drip pipe presence. 
  • Align seeds on the ground in a neat pattern to grow the desired crops. I had the mentioned vegetables seeds lined neatly on the farm for growth. For non-fertile areas, there is need to add organic fertilizers during growth. This was my case as I had to apply little fertilizers during the planting period. This was fertilizers obtained from the kitchen perishable wastes.
  • I had a need to keep the soil fed through water and fertilizers for the healthy grow of the vegetables. Looking out at the vegetables as they grow while removing weeds or other unwanted matter was important. Not to be forgotten is supporting the plants like the organic tomatoes to grow well off the ground.
  • During the harvest period when the vegetables have matured I had to keep harvesting mine according to my needs, you can likewise do the same when you put a home garden in place. 

You will find it enjoyable if you grow vegetables you will actually use and like to eat. Make sure you keep it manageable, this way it won’t become a burden rather than the joy you probably set out for it to be.

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Posted by Amaral Farms

HI and thanks for visiting my blog. I guess I would say I have always been a gardener at heart. My parents gardened and I helped them from a young age. As an adult I took to the organic movement and began gardening using almost exclusively organic methods. My focus has shifted the last decade to add heirloom gardening to the mix. By no means an expert, I do enjoy it and spend at least a few hours a week dedicated to it. I hope you enjoy and gain some value from my blog.