Rearing our Welsh Harlequin Duck Couple

It was time for a new addition to our animal collection and a pretty bird came to our minds. We needed a Welsh Harlequin Duck, but instead of getting one, we decided to run for both a male and a female. We have in mind intentions to start a Welsh Harlequin Duck family so having mother Welsh Harlequin Duck and a father is vital. Bringing these two home to the barn has taken us through days of learning firsthand the daily lives of these amazing birds. 

Waking up in the morning ushers us to a day when our pair is out foraging for food of their own other than what we supply them. The pair takes to grazing on the pair of grass near the pond and we are worried that soon the farm will be left with bare soil without any vegetation. Soon a whole patch of once green grass reveals the soil beneath due to eaten up grass. They seem to love the short grass. At this rate; I would not be shocked to see them running to neighborhood-trimmed lawns. Fortunately there are no golf courses around otherwise I would have to collect them daily from the area or have court cases for my geese trespassing  and destroying the golf course fields. We would also reconsider having to mow our lawns, as the pair seems to be at grass chopping duty every morning. 

Amazing is the manner that the pair seems to be following each other all around. Seems like a beautiful pair in love. On more research to find out about geese, we learn that they love to fly in a V formation and always keep close in groups. This explains our amazing pair and the family will soon grow big now that mother Welsh Harlequin Duck is laying eggs and we are expecting an addition to the family. 

I could never forget their love for water. Spending plenty of time swimming in the pond shows their love for water as they splash the water joyously. 

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