My Experience Growing Squash

Growing squash is exciting even though the plant does everything besides planting itself. The yields you can get from squash plants are very huge and anyone who has ever grown zucchini can testify this. After growing squash in my farm, I realized that it is true the plant does not require a huge amount of space for one to get high yields. However, in order for me to get good yields, I had to prepare the piece of land where I was going to have my squash plantation and made sure that there was direct sunlight for the plant.

Preparing the land for planting was not a hard task. I had to mix a 3-inch layer of organic fertilizer (at recommended rates) with compost. I later set my transplant 30 inches apart. Some light mulch was sufficient for the squash due to the broad leaves of the plant when mature. Covering the seedlings with a pot for several days was necessary to avoid wilting due to the sunny weather. However, this does not mean that the sun is not good for the plant as they only grow well when the weather is sunny. You need to remember that squash requires good drainage and plenty of sun and that their roots are normally wrapped around compost or decomposing leaves.

Squash plant normally has the female and male flowers. Bees and other insects are responsible for pollination. Living next to a bee keeper has really helped by providing that great buzzing sound in my garden all the time. Once the male flowers have reached the end of their life, they fall off and this should not be a course for alarm as it is normal. The fact that this plant requires a small space to produce squash, allows you to plant it in a pot or 5 gallon and enjoy harvesting squash for your own consumption. You will have to make sure that the soil in your pot or gallon is fertile enough and well drained for good results.

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Posted by Amaral Farms

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