Growing Leeks

Looking for a vegetable that adds flavor to your food and is healthy? Leeks are great vegetables to grow; I have found them so far to be easy to grow as well. Many people may have difficulty with onions; they tend to make your eyes water when chopping them and some dislike the natural flavor. I don’t however but still love the mild but equally rich flavor of leeks. While not as popular in American cooking, are used widely in England as well as other parts of Europe. The leek is the perfect vegetable for the cool weather with the bulb at the bottom growing into a very tasty piece that can be used in the making of stews, casseroles. The upper leaves are perfect for making soups flavorings appealing. To have tasty dishes is simple since growing this plant is simple. 

Growing this plant in varied soils is easy as the plant accommodates many soils that are not waterlogged. The hardy abilities of this plant help it to grow at all times even during harsh winter times. Moisture in the soil during the growing season is important. Applying manure to the soil in average amounts helps to a healthy leek production. Application of organic compost is well-conducted dug in the soil before planting and during the growing period.

I realized leeks work best on firm soil. They best follow other vegetables like cabbages or peas over crop rotation practices. They should not follow a crop that is leguminous growing under the soil like potatoes as this leaves the soil very loose. Varying the locations of leek growth is vital in helping prevention of attack by pests or other vegetable diseases. 

I found planting leeks in a soilless mix before taking it to the grounds outdoors good. Leeks are biennial and can be planted for the spring and the fall period. Planting the germinated baby leeks to the ground requires watering during the dry period. The use of compost for the soil adds nutrients to the plants. Adding mulch helps retain soil moisture inside and keep weeds away. Loose soil that is mixed with sand has proved helpful for my farm helping the leeks grow healthy and with a smooth texture. 

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Posted by Amaral Farms

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